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Magento Download Extension Online file sharing Magento module aheadWorks.
With the Extra Downloads extension for Magento, you can easily populate necessary product pages with any additional info such as user manual, product use cases, compliance certificate, etc. Files of any types can appear in your store and customers can download them whenever they want.
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Magento Connect Direct Download Chrome Web Store.
This is a Chrome extension that automatically add direct download buttons to Magento Connect pages. This way you can manually download the extensions and unzip them in your Magento folder. This extension is Open Source, feel free to contribute: https// Copyright info.
Magento Extensions Themes for Your Online Store Marketplace.
Any extension that you could want for Magento are on the Marketplace. If theyre not on the Marketplace, Id question the provider and their service. Head of eCommerce, EGO. The thing I like about the new Marketplace is being able to purchase trusted modules for my Magento 2 site and have the order history and downloads within one portal.
Magento File Upload Download extension Magento Product Attachments MageWorx.
Our Magento File Upload extension lets you grant or deny access to files for different categories of site visitors. With the extension you can.: Change Magento file download permissions for all non-registered visitors per file or globally, thus motivating them to sign up.
How to download a Magento extension directly, as a file? Mind of Matt.
But that might be necessary, in case you need to compare / dissect / evaluate extension code in development. So I searched for a direct download alternative and found the Download Magento Extension web service. Note that you still need to obtain the extension key from Magento Connect to be able to use this service.
Free Magento extension downloader.
Magento Tips: How to download module archive from Magento Connect ASTRIO.
Check an Extension key for Magento" Connect 2.0. For our module the Extension key is.: Configure URL for downloading and open it in your browser: http// Facebook_Products_Tab / 1.1.0 / Facebook_Products_Tab 1.1.0 tgz. You will see standard download window in your browser.

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